January 23rd 2004
Redistricting in Texas Disadvantages Minorities
Howard University Hilltop

Editorial claiming Texas mid decade partisan redistricting is bad for communities of color.

January 16th 2004
Balance vote disparity
Asahi Shimbun

January 7th 2004
Change needed in the way Texas redraws districts
Austin American-Statesman

Editorial calling for non-partisan redistricting in Texas.

January 6th 2004
Judges approve dilution of minority voting strength
Houston Chronicle

Editorial calling for nonpartisan redistricting in Texas.

January 1st 2004
More ideas for California
Sacramento Bee

The newspaper of California's state capital comes out in favor of electing state legislators by full representation.

December 12th 2003
DeLay's involvement in Texas redistricting: pure partisan politics
Austin American-Statesman

Editorial claiming that Texas redistricting represents an illegal partisan gerrymander.

October 30th 2003
Bloomberg's Bad Idea
The Nation

The Nation magazine advocates a return to full representation for the New York City council in an editorial opposing nonpartisan elections.

August 9th 2003
Lost decade of politics
The Asahi Shimbun

July 28th 2003
An old favorite

January 2nd 2003
Patrick Quinn on Patrick Quinn
Chicago Tribune

Editorial on Lt. Governor-elect advocates return to Illinois' cumulative voting past.

April 7th 2002
Cumulative vote set for 2nd act
Amarillo Globe-News

March 17th 2002
Pat Quinn's 'reform' made Legislature worse
Rockford Register-Star

This editorial laments the loss of cumulative voting in Illinois

July 16th 2001
Let's bring back old way of voting
Chicago Sun-Times

Current voting system in Illinois stifles competition, and the remedy would be to introduce cumulative voting, which would provide more representative, inclusive and democratic Legislature.

April 26th 2001
State House change deserves a look
Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette

An editorial in favor of the use of cumulative voting in Illinois

January 9th 2001
The State (Charleston, South Carolina)

South Carolina Senator John Matthews has proposed cumulative voting and multi-member districts to address the problem that racially uniform districts may produce racially divided legislatures.

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