August 29th 2005
Purple fingers in California
The Oakland Tribune

California call to arms against crooked gerrymandering

August 24th 2005
Defeating Pa. Incumbents Won't Be Easy
Chambersburg Public Opinion

FairVote is cited in this editorial that reveals how gerrymandering has stifled competitiveness of elections.

August 21st 2005
Electoral system breeds big spenders
The Phildelphia Inquirer

Article about how winner take all systems promote too much goverment spending

August 13th 2005
Toward a two-party system
Japan Times

Proportional representation is creating a diverse, mature democracy in Japan.

July 27th 2005
Take a ballot - and a bow; The state has the nation's most active voters, a study finds.
The Star Tribune

Rob Hotakainen of Minnesota's Star Tribune cites FairVote's "Dubious Democracy 2005" report.

July 23rd 2005
Time to put an end to the gerrymander
San Antonio-Express News

Rep. John Tanner's Act is lauded as a solution to gerrymandering, specifically in Texas.

June 13th 2005
Keep on reforming

Campaign finance reform and independent commissions are good reforms, but don't address our elections system's most basic problem: lack of competition.

May 19th 2005
Referendum result is enough to start process of reform
The Province

Wasted votes and lack of diversity in government show the urgent need for electoral reform in British Columbia.

May 17th 2005
Why the debate on PR is only just beginning
The Independent

Full representation voting systems are a more fair voting system for the UK.

April 16th 2005
Accept the Proposal on Proportional Representatives!
The Hankyoreh

Paper endorses proportional representation, and other reforms advocated by The Political Reform Council, to better reflect country's diverse political opinions.

March 31st 2005
A Good Proposal that Won't do Much
San Jose Mercury News

Newspaper endorses full representation and IRV to solve California's redistricting woes

December 13th 2004
Why women hate politics
The New Statesman

October 19th 2004
ASUCD Senators should educate student body, not change the system
California Aggie

UC Davis defeats a bill to repeal choice voting

July 10th 2004
The Whys and Wherefores of House of Councilors Elections
The Japan Times

June 6th 2004
Voting Intelligently
The Times of Malta

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