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Voting Systems Factsheets

Table of Contents:

Factsheet 1:
Winner Take All vs. Proportional Representation

Factsheet 2:
Single Member Plurality Systems

Factsheet 3:
Proportional Representation Voting Systems

Factsheet 4:
"Victory Thresholds" of Representation: Candidate-Based Proportional and Semi-Propotional Systems

Factsheet 5:
Variations of Party List Proportional Systems: Closed List, Open List and Free List

Factsheet 6:
Mixed Member Proportional Systems

Factsheet 7:
Choice Voting in Action

Factsheet 8:
Choice Voting & Multiracial Electorates

Factsheet 9:
Cumulative Voting

Factsheet 10:
Limited Voting, Cumulative Voting and Choice Voting: A Comparison of Three Alternative Voting Systems

Factsheet 11:
Analysis: The Case for Voting Systems that Promote Full Representation and Majority Rule

Factsheet 12:
Instant Runoff Voting (IRV)

Factsheet 13:
Two Round Runoff Elections

Computerizing a Cambridge Tradition: An Analysis of Cambridge's 1991 City Council Election Count Using a Computer Program  A 1994 Report to the City of Cambridge that helped lead the city to computerize its ballot count of Choice Voting elections.

Factsheet 14:
Misunderstandings about Choice Voting (Q&A)

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