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Maine and Nebraska

Maine and Nebraska both use an alternative method of distributing their electoral votes, called the Congressional District Method.  Currently, these two states are the only two in the union that diverge from the traditional winner-take-all method of electoral vote allocation.  

With the district method, a state divides itself into a number of districts, allocating one of its state-wide electoral votes to each district.  The winner of each district is awarded that district�s electoral vote, and the winner of the state-wide vote is then awarded the state�s remaining two electoral votes.  

This method has been used in Maine since 1972 and Nebraska since 1996, though since both states have adopted this modification, the statewide winners have consistently swept all of the state�s districts as well.  Consequently, neither state has ever split its electoral votes. 

Although this method still fails to reach the full ideal of one-man one-vote, it has been proposed as a nationwide reform for the way in which Electoral votes are distributed. 

See our page on Reform Options for the Electoral College to find more information. 


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