Majority rule and genuine voter choice are marks of a functioning democracy. To support voter choice in high turnout elections, we act to encourage understanding, adoption and effective implementation of instant runoff voting, a ranked choice voting system used in a growing number of American elections.

IRV Soars in Twin Cities, FairVote Corrects the Pundits on Meaning of Election Night '09
Election Day '09 was a roller-coaster for election reformers.  Instant runoff voting had a great night in Minnesota, where St. Paul voters chose to implement IRV for its city elections, and Minneapolis voters used IRV for the first time—with local media touting it as a big success. As the Star-Tribune noted in endorsing IRV for St. Paul, Tuesday’s elections give the Twin Cities a chance to show the whole state of Minnesota the benefits of adopting IRV. There were disappointments in Lowell and Pierce County too, but high-profile multi-candidate races in New Jersey and New York keep policymakers focused on ways to reform elections;  the Baltimore Sun and Miami Herald were among many newspapers publishing commentary from FairVote board member and former presidential candidate John Anderson on how IRV can mitigate the problems of plurality elections.

And as pundits try to make hay out of the national implications of Tuesday’s gubernatorial elections, Rob Richie in the Huffington Post concludes that the gubernatorial elections have little bearing on federal elections.


Instant Runoff Ballot Measures Gain Key Support
It’s a busy election season for instant runoff voting! IRV is on the ballot in several jurisdictions this November. St. Paul (MN) is voting on whether to adopt IRV. Aspen (CO) is holding an advisory vote on whether to keep IRV, and the county council of Pierce County (WA) has placed a charter amendment on the ballot repeal it. Civic groups like local arms of the League of Women Voters are boosting the IRV side, and leading newspapers are coming out for IRV, including the Seattle Times and Tacoma News Tribune endorsing IRV in Pierce County and the Minneapolis Star Tribune backing IRV in St. Paul.

Lowell (MA) is voting on adoption of the choice voting method of proportional voting. Cambridge (MA) will be holding choice voting elections, and IRV and choice voting will be used for the first time in elections in Minneapolis (MN).


Front page, New York Times: IRV over Low-Turnout Runoffs
Instant runoff voting is increasingly recognized as a practical and cost-efficient way to replace low-turnout runoff elections. In New York City, the low turnout in Democratic primary runoffs and the potential of IRV made front page news in the New York Times, and FairVote’s Rob Richie advocates IRV in another Times piece. IRV also has gained more support in commentary for elections in Los Angeles and Long Beach, California, as well as in the Detroit Free Press.

Voter Choice Massachusetts has a website promoting a petition drive to get IRV on the Bay State’s ballot next year, and the Trenton Times has commentary touting IRV for its multi-candidate race for governor.  In Minnesota, Minaneapolis readies to use IRV for local elections for the first time, and twin city St. Paul decides on IRV on its own November ballot. Internationally, British prime minister Gordon Brown is pledging a national referendum on IRV.


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October 30th 2009
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Two former politicians tell St. Paul voters that IRV is "vitally important to us as citizens and as members of our communities."

October 29th 2009
Plurality voting rule is the real election spoiler
Baltimore Sun

In the midst of 3-way races in NJ and NY, FairVote board member and 1980 presidential candidate John Anderson makes the case for IRV over our flawed plurality system.

October 25th 2009
CHARTER AMENDMENT 3: County voters would lose power
The News Tribune

Amendment 3 to the Pierce county charter is an attempt by incumbent politicians to rig the system and prevent any serious challengers from competing. IRV is simply too fair and too democratic to not keep using in our electoral system.

October 22nd 2009
St. Paul should join IRV bandwagon
Star Tribune

Star Tribune stands behind IRV voting. They believe that if this system is used in St. Paul, it will show the state of Missouri that IRV can work and can better represent the voters in the state.