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Ten Proposals for Electoral Reform State Legislation

Fair-Vote - the Center for Voting and Democracy in January 2005 circulatec reform proposals relating to our program focus that are broken down into the categories of full representation, IRV and the right to vote. In each of these reforms, we present both incremental and more sweeping proposals. Important note: this is not meant to be a comprehensive list of important electoral reforms. We urge reformers to consider a full range of proposals to improve our elections.

 Legislation on Full Representation:
  1. Voting machine standards to preserve options
  2. Local options legislation
  3. Expanding options for redistricting commissions to full representation
  4. Statewide Voting Rights Act           
  5. Citizens'assembly to review and propose reforms 

Legislation on Instant Runoff Voting:

  1. Adopting IRV to fill vacancies
  2. Adopting IRV for overseas voters in runoffs
  3. Implementing IRV for major offices: electing statewide offices and replacing primary runoffs

Legislation on the Right to Vote:

  1. Advances toward universal voter registration; pre-election and post-election accountability for election administration; exploring publicly-owned voting equipment
  2. Resolution to support a nationwide vote for President
For the full document, see this pdf file.



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