Community Action Kit Documents
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Individual Documents

Section 1: IRV and Election Information
·    IRV One Pager
·    The Truth About Runoffs
·    Talking Points: Majority Rule without Separate Election
·    Important Election Terminology

Section 2: Planning and Advocacy
·    Eights Steps to IRVictory
·    Prepare Yourself
·    How to Sell the Solution
·    Voting Equipment Information
·    Holding a Demonstration Election

Section 3: IRV Articles, Brochures and Resources
·    Sample Ballot (Burlington, VT)
·    Sample Testimony
·    How to write an LTE/Op-Ed
·    FairVote Services and Resources
·    IRV Brochure
·    USA Today pro-IRV editorial
·    Washington Post story on San Francisco's 2004 IRV election