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Caleb Kleppner
Senior Analyst

Caleb Kleppner is a senior analyst who specializes in election administration, data analysis and the implementation of fair election systems in schools and organizations.  He made important contributions to CVD's groundbreaking Monopoly Politics and Dubious Democracy reports.

He served as deputy campaign manager under Steve Hill and treasurer for the successful 2002 ballot measure in San Francisco that implemented instant runoff voting for all local offices.

He has drafted legislation to implement or allow instant runoff voting at both local and state levels and worked with election officials to address all aspects of election administration. His articles and commentaries have appeared in newspapers and magazines across the country, and he regularly appears on radio shows  He has made presentations on electoral reform to numerous audiences, including students, local Leagues of Women Voters, the Chamber of Commerce, Sierra Club, political groups and other civic organizations.

Prior to joining the Center, he was the executive director of a small non-profit organization that educates the public about the systemic causes of environmental degradation. As part of this work, he organized a conference on electoral reform with the Center for Voting and Democracy and Californians for Proportional Representation. Before that, he was a field organizer for Common Cause's Project Independence, a grassroots campaign finance reform project; worked on a successful campaign for state legislature in upstate New York; and did regulatory support for the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, DC. He holds an M.S. in natural resource policy from Cornell University and a B.S. in mathematics from Yale University. He works in New Haven, Connecticut.

You can reach Caleb by phone (301-270-4616) or email (ck at fairvote dot org).

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