Prepare a Public Service Announcement (PSA)

Radio and television statements will often run public service announcements from non-profit organizations to educate the public about various matters of public interest. A PSA is like a press release, but shorter. Because PSAs are heard, not read, they must be interesting, clear, and brief. All the information must be provided in 30 - 60 seconds.  PSAs can be used to announce upcoming events; announce a project; identify an issue(s) and explain why you have chosen to be involved.  Allow advance time for a PSA  and be sure to follow up with your local television or radio tation.



(your organization's name)

For more information, contact:
Joe Blo, publicity coordinator,
(705) 555-1212
Amelia Bedelia, project coordinator,
(705) 555-2121


Time: 30 seconds
Words: 58

All candidates for the Blue Sky District's seat in the federal election have been invited to participate in an all-candidates' forum on social justice at 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, May 15, at Capital Centre, 500 Main Street. Members of the audience will ask the candidates questions at the forum, sponsored by (name and VERY brief description of your organization).


Do a Radio or TV Interview

Participate in Radio Call-in Shows