In order to show potential changes that could occur in the elections of members of the U.S. House of Representatives under a full representation system, FairVote has made sample plans for each state with at least three seats in the House.  Each state's October 2004 congressional districts have been combined into "super districts" of between three and five seats.  These sample plans show the potential effect of a move to multi-seat districts on both racial and partisan representation in the House.

In each state, FairVote has assessed the likely impact on partisan results and voting rights of these particular plans.  Because these plans are based on congressional districts as of October 2004, which are often the result of gerrymandering, the proposed super district boundaries are not as compact as they could be.  The use of current congressional districts also limits our ability to achieve the most representative super districts in terms of partisanship and demographics.  These issues could be easily rectified in a similar set of proposals that made use of sub-congressional district data.

View each state's multi-seat districting plan and analysis:

Alabama [.pdf 26.7 kB]                
Missouri [.pdf 43.9 kB]
Arizona [.pdf 31.3 kB]
Nebraska [.pdf 16.4 kB]
Arkansas [.pdf 17.2 kB]
Nevada [.pdf 16.6 kB]
California [.pdf 177.4 kB]
New Jersey [.pdf 50.2 kB]
Colorado [.pdf 31.8 kB]
New Mexico [.pdf 14.9 kB]
Connecticut [.pdf 19 kB]
New York [.pdf 97.9 kB]
Florida [.pdf 81.2 kB]
North Carolina [.pdf 44.4 kB]
Georgia [.pdf 47.9 kB]
Ohio [.pdf 58 kB]
Illinois [.pdf 68.3 kB]
Oklahoma [.pdf 17.4 kB]
Indiana [.pdf 44.3 kB]
Oregon [.pdf 17.4 kB]
Iowa [.pdf 19.2 kB]
Pennsylvania [.pdf 67.4 kB]  
Kansas [.pdf 18 kB]
South Carolina [.pdf 27 kB]
Kentucky [.pdf 30.5 kB]
Tennessee [.pdf 38.8 kB]
Louisiana [.pdf 32.2 kB]
Texas [.pdf 108.8 kB]
Maryland [.pdf 34 kB]
Utah [.pdf 14.4 kB]
Massachusetts [.pdf 36.3 kB]
Virginia [.pdf 41.5 kB]
Michigan [.pdf 52.3 kB]
Washington [.pdf 38.8 kB]
Minnesota [.pdf 32.9 kB]
West Virginia [.pdf 14.8 kB]
Mississippi [.pdf 18 kB]
Wisconsin [.pdf 29.5 kB]


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