Variable Names Used in the ROAD Data
This page lays out variable conventions used in the ROAD data.  All data contains election results by precinct along with with legislative district numbers for each precinct.  You can download this page as a pdf file (.pdf 16.4kB).  This file is included in the very large zip file containing all 198 Excel files.

The following data is available:

US House and state legislative data for all 50 states plus Washington DC , 1984, 1986, 1988 and 1990 except:
  • AK84
  • CA84-90 
  • DC86-90 
  • IN90 
  • TX84, 86, 90
Odd year elections included

  • VA85, 87, 89
  • NJ85, 87, 89
Total of 198 data files

ROAD Variable names

Additional documentation of this data.


Letters for races

Q          Registration
P           President
S           US Senate
G           Governor
H           US House
X           State legislature (lower house), XA, XB,
             etc for posts, X_D1U, X_D2U for multi-seat
Y           State senate, YA, YB, for posts, Y_D1U,
             Y_D2U for multi-seat districts
L            Lt gov
T           Sec of State
A           Attorney general
J            Treasurer
M           Public service commission (Format M_RTU,
              M_DTU for multi-seat)
K,O,Z     Other state elections (Format K_RTU, K_DTU
               for multi-seat)
I             Auditor
C            Comptroller
B            Education commissioner
F             Agriculture commissioner
N            Insurance commissioner
U            Labor

Example of fields:  PA 90 Precinct data fields

st                 state
cy                county
cd                congressional district
sd                state senate district
ld                 legislative (lower house) district
g90g_dv      Dem votes for gov
g90g_rv       Rep votes for gov
g90g_tv       Total votes for gov
g90h_dv      Dem votes for US House
g90h_rv       Rep votes for US House
g90h_tv       Total votes for US House
g90q_dv      Dem Party registration
g90q_o1v    Other registration
g90q_rv       Republican Party registration
g90q_tv       Total in-party enrollment
g90r             Total registration
g90v            Total turnout
g90x_dv       Dem state house
g90x_o1v    Other state house
g90x_rv       Rep state house
g90x_tv       Total votes for state house
g90y_dv      Dem state senate
g90y_rv       Rep state senate
g90y_tv       Total state senate