Election Data Project
Revised Aug 2004

The goal of the Election Data Project is to compile and make publicly accessible election results from U.S. House and state legislative elections from 1900 to the present.  Because most US House results are available from the Clerk of the House (1920-present) and in published form (Michael Dubin), we are focusing on state legislative races.

We are endeavoring to collect
  • vote totals and candidates names for major candidates;
  • vote totals, party affiliation and candidate names for independent and third party candidates; and
  • total votes cast in each race.

Data available as of 08/13/2004.

Where possible, we are also trying to gather president, governor or U.S. Senate totals by legislative district.

Right now, a sadly small amount of this electoral data is available.  Assembling this data will require lots of old-fashioned research:  tracking down election results in libraries, newspapers and state archives, and then scanning or entering the data.

If you would like to assist with assembling this data, please contact the Center at 301-270-2616 or info*AT*fairvote.org.

Please visit a table showing the data we have and the data we lack (.htm 74.2kB), which you could help us obtain.

You can download a template for collecting election data.  Contact us if you'd like a template in another data format.

We hope that other researchers will extend this project to make it even more valuable to the public at large as well as the research community.

Acknowledgements:  This work was generously supported by the inspiration, funding and research of Lloyd Anderson.