Center for Voting and Democracy August 2004
Election Data Project:  Please contact us at 301-270-4616 or [email protected] if you would like to assist with gathering data.
We have the data shaded in blue. We lack everything else.
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    State legislature                  
State   1902-10 1912-20 1922-30 1932-40 1942-50 1952-60 1962-70 1972-80 1982-90 1992-2000 2002-10
Alabama AL   ROAD  
Alaska AK   ROAD  
Arizona AZ   ROAD  
Arkansas AR   ROAD  
California CA                 ROAD    
Colorado CO   ROAD  
Connecticut CT   ROAD  
Delaware DE   ROAD  
Florida FL   ROAD  
Georgia GA                 ROAD    
Hawaii HI   ROAD  
Idaho ID   ROAD  
Illinois IL   ROAD  
Indiana IN   ROAD  
Iowa IA                 ROAD    
Kansas KS   ROAD  
Kentucky KY   ROAD  
Louisiana LA   ROAD  
Maine ME   ROAD  
Maryland MD                 ROAD    
Massachusetts MA   ROAD  
Michigan MI   68-70 74-78 ROAD  
Minnesota MN   ROAD  
Mississippi MS   ROAD  
Missouri MO                 ROAD    
Montana MT   ROAD  
Nebraska NE   ROAD  
Nevada NV   ROAD  
New Hampshire NH   ROAD  
New Jersey NJ                 ROAD    
New Mexico NM   ROAD  
New York NY   ROAD  
North Carolina NC   ROAD  
North Dakota ND   ROAD  
Ohio OH                 ROAD    
Oklahoma OK   ROAD  
Oregon OR   ROAD  
Pennsylvania PA     Hard copies of data ----->   ROAD CD from PA  
Rhode Island RI   ROAD  
South Carolina SC                 ROAD    
South Dakota SD   ROAD  
Tennessee TN   ROAD  
Texas TX   ROAD  
Utah UT   ROAD  
Vermont VT                 ROAD    
Virginia VA   ROAD  
Washington WA   ROAD  
West Virginia WV   ROAD  
Wisconsin WI   ROAD  
Wyoming WY                 ROAD    
Congressional election data is available from the Clerk of the House for 1920-2002, and has been published privately by Michael Dubin.
However, if you have any of this information in electronic format, it would be very helpful.
State   1902-10 1912-20 1922-30 1932-40 1942-50 1952-60 1962-70 1972-80 1982-90 1992-2000 2002-10
Alabama AL ROAD FEC  
Alaska AK ROAD FEC  
Arizona AZ ROAD FEC  
Arkansas AR ROAD FEC  
California CA ROAD FEC  
Colorado CO                 ROAD FEC  
Connecticut CT ROAD FEC  
Delaware DE ROAD FEC  
Florida FL ROAD FEC  
Georgia GA                 ROAD FEC  
Hawaii HI ROAD FEC  
Illinois IL ROAD FEC  
Indiana IN ROAD FEC  
Kansas KS                 ROAD FEC  
Kentucky KY ROAD FEC  
Louisiana LA ROAD FEC  
Maryland MD                 ROAD FEC  
Massachusetts MA ROAD FEC  
Michigan MI ROAD FEC  
Minnesota MN ROAD FEC  
Mississippi MS ROAD FEC  
Missouri MO ROAD FEC  
Montana MT                 ROAD FEC  
Nebraska NE ROAD FEC  
Nevada NV ROAD FEC  
New Hampshire NH ROAD FEC  
New Jersey NJ                 ROAD FEC  
New Mexico NM ROAD FEC  
New York NY ROAD FEC  
North Carolina NC ROAD FEC  
North Dakota ND ROAD FEC  
Ohio OH                 ROAD FEC  
Oklahoma OK ROAD FEC  
Oregon OR ROAD FEC  
Pennsylvania PA ROAD FEC  
Rhode Island RI ROAD FEC  
South Carolina SC                 ROAD FEC  
South Dakota SD ROAD FEC  
Tennessee TN ROAD FEC  
Vermont VT                 ROAD FEC  
Virginia VA ROAD FEC  
Washington WA ROAD FEC  
West Virginia WV ROAD FEC  
Wisconsin WI ROAD FEC  
Wyoming WY                 ROAD FEC