San Francisco Labor Coalition Resolution
November 4, 1999

Whereas Instant Runoff Voting is a voting system that produces a majority winner in a single election, saving up to $1 million per election cycle; and

Whereas Instant Runoff Voting will maximize labor voter turnout around one election, instead of having to mobilize voters and turn out the vote over two elections (Often, voter turnout decreases in the December runoff, and voter turnout has decreased in four out of the last five mayoral runoffs); and

Whereas Instant Runoff Voting will help labor-backed candidates who don't have the campaign war chest to campaign in two elections; and

Whereas Instant Runoff Voting eliminates the need for December runoffs, freeing up taxpayer money that could be used for other purposes, like AIDS prevention, the homeless, education, parks, a livable wage, raises for city employees, etc.; and

Whereas Instant Runoff Voting will make campaigning easier for labor-backed candidates, since they will only have to campaign once and raise funds once; and

Whereas Instant Runoff Voting will reduce negative campaigning and promote coalition building, since candidates will seek 2nd and 3rd choice votes from opponents’ supporters, giving them incentive to stick to the issues and build coalitions;

Therefore, be it resolved that Local _____ endorse the instant runoff voting legislation before the Board of Supervisors, and

Be it further resolved that Local _____ send a letter to the members of the Board of Supervisors urging them to vote on November 15, 1999 to place this issue on the ballot for the voters to decide.