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To address voting irregularities such as ballot design, deficient equipment, intimidation and fraud that voters experience in every election, we, the undersigned, support the addition of a right to vote amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

At present, the ability to vote is not a right of citizenship. Instead, each state sets its own electoral policies and procedures, producing separate and inherently unequal standards. A right to vote amendment would empower Congress to set national electoral standards that all states would follow to ensure that each U.S. citizen would be able vote and have the vote recorded accurately.

Specifically this amendment would:
  • Guarantee that all American citizens 18 and over have an individual right to vote. This would effectively eliminate the targeted voter disenfranchisement that presently occurs.

  • Create a universal presidential ballot

  • Establish a set of uniform national policies for every step of the voting process
A right to vote amendment would be the culmination of a 200-year struggle to ensure fair, efficient and accurate elections for all. We call on Congress to pass a Right to Vote Amendment.

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