Proportional Voting
Local Reform Advocacy
There are many ways of approaching reform at the state and local level. Below are a number of routes to achieving proportional voting successes.

1. Assess Your Community's Elections System -
Find the pressing problems in your community's elections by taking this brief survey (.pdf - 37.7 KB)

2. Launch a Campaign for Proportional Voting in Your City - Read our eight steps to reform guide, detailing ways of building a movement for proportional voting in your city. (.pdf - 89 KB)

3. Join a City Charter Review Commission, or Ask One to Study Proportional Voting -Read and distribute our City Council Election Methods Manual to your local charter review commission, and spark a dialogue about fair representation. (.pdf - 384 KB)

4. Ask Your State Legislators to Sponsor FairVote Reform Legislation - Our staff has developed a number of state legislative proposals to build the infrastructure for fair elections. Ask your state legislators to sponsor our innovative reform proposals. (.pdf - 176 KB)

5. Seek Action from Your City Government - There are a number of steps to advocate for proportional voting in your city, from seeking a study through implementation. Read our recommendations for municipal action and ask your city officials to take steps toward achieving proportional voting systems [HERE].