Katherine Spillar
Katherine SpillarKatherine Spillar is the Executive Vice President of the Feminist Majority Foundation and Feminist Majority. One of the founders, Spillar has been a driving force in executing the Feminist Majority Foundation’s diverse programs that work to secure women’s rights, including the Campaign to Stop Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan, the National Clinic Access Project, the National Center for Women & Policing, and the Never Go Back Campaign.

A specialist in community organizing, Spillar is also a trained researcher and program manager, and speaks to diverse audiences on a broad range of feminist topics and on television and radio.  She has led the Feminist Majority’s west coast efforts to inspire more feminist women to run for political office and the organization’s Gender Balance Campaign.  Prior to her tenure with the Feminist Majority and Feminist Majority Foundation, Spillar served four terms as President of the Los Angeles Chapter of the National Organization for Women, the largest chapter of NOW at the time.

She is a magna cum laude graduate of Texas Christian University and holds a Master of Science interdisciplinary degree in Economics and Urban Studies from Trinity University. Before becoming active in women’s rights, Spillar was Director of Public Policy Research and Economics for a statewide trade association in California.
Advisory Committee

In 2008, FairVote established a new Advisory Board comprised initially of recent members of its Board of Directors. These leaders receive updates from FairVote about our progress and regularly provide comments and advice:

  • Nikolas Bowie, Yale undergraduate student
  • Erin Bowser, executive director of Environment Ohio 
  • Antonio Gonzalez, President of Southwest Voter Registration Ed. Project
  • Jesse Jackson Jr., Member of Congress
  • Laura Liswood, CEO of Council on Women's World Leaders
  • Nina Moseley, former executive director of Democracy South
  • Clay Mulford, chief operating officer of National Math and Science Initiative
  • Rashad Robinson, Director of media programs, GLAAD
  • Katherine Spillar, executive editor of Ms. Magazine