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Parties want to keep control over elections

Published: October 11th, 2006 in The News Tribune (Tacoma, WA)

I believe in the voter. So when Burt Talcott (Viewpoint, 10-6) says instant runoff voting would hurt the Democratic and Republican parties' ability to operate, it solidified my support for IRV.

Talcott says that parties clarify public policy. Thank goodness they're doing the heavy lifting for the stupid voters.

How has the state Democratic Party helped us? By instituting the largest increase in state government we can't pay for, by stealing our land without compensation, by forcing through legislation that only union workers can be teachers and state employees (or they're fired), and by protecting absolute abortion rights, to name a few.

How have the Republicans helped us nationally? We have a multitrillion-dollar increase in the debt, no alternative fuel policy, an absolute death penalty and irresponsible national policy debacles.

I don't want to vote for a Republican and the evangelicals. I don't want to vote for a Democrat and the unions. I would like my own candidate who works for me, the voter. President Abraham Lincoln was from a new third party. I'm sure he was considered one of those horrid fringe groups like the Constitutionalists, Grange, Green, and Libertarians.

Thank goodness the two parties have kept those revolting people away from us. We might accidentally identify with independent thought and vote for them. In a heartbeat!











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