Vote YES! on Memphis Charter Amendment 5 - Instant Runoff Voting


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Unanimously recommended by the Memphis Charter Review Commission, Instant Runoff Voting has the support of:
  • Representative Steve Cohen
  • Shelby County Mayor A.C. Wharton
  • Chairman Deidre Malone (Shelby County Commission)
  • Commissioner James Harvey
  • Commissioner Joe Ford
  • Commissioner Steven Mulroy
  • Commissioner Mike Carpenter
  • Chairman Myron Lowery (Memphis CIty Council)
  • Councilman Shea Flinn
  • Councilwoman Janis Fullilove
  • Commissioner Betty Mallott (Memphis City School Board)
  • Commissioner Jeff Warren
  • Representative Jeanne Richardson (Tennessee House)
  • Brian Stephens (Community Building Chairman, Cordova Leadership Council)
  • Desi Franklin (Shelby County Democratic Executive Committee)
  • Mary Wilder (former interim State Representative)
  • John Willingham (former Shelby County Commissioner)
  • Rita Clark (former Shelby County Assessor)
  • David Cocke (former Shelby County Democratic Chairman)
  • Ruth Davis (President, AFSCME Local 1733)
  • Paul Shaffer (Business Manager, IBEW Local 474)
  • Henry Perry (President, Teamsters Local 667)
  • Memphis NAACP
  • Ironworkers Local 167
  • Memphis Building and Construction Trades Council
  • Democratic Women of Shelby County
  • Ron Belz (Belz Enterprises)
  • Barry Frager (Frager Law Firm)
  • Billy Orgel (Tower Ventures)


Across the nation, Instant Runoff Voting has the support of:
  • Senator Barack Obama
  • Senator John McCain
  • Senator Bernie Sanders
  • Representative Jesse Jackson Jr.
  • Representative Keith Ellison
  • Representative Barbara Lee
  • Representative Dennis Kucinich
  • Representative Peter Welch
  • Representative Tom Allen
  • Representative Barney Frank
  • Representative Rob Andrews
  • Representative John Porter
  • Governor Howard Dean (DNC Chairman)

Statements of Support

Howard Dean (Democratic National Committee Chair):
Instant Runoff Voting would "encourage candidates to hold a firm set of principles without worrying that there beliefs could make them unviable. It would allow people to vote for candidates they really want to elect, thereby increasing both enthusiasm and turnout."
Barack Obama (U.S. Senator):
"We can change the electoral math that's been all about division and make it about addition."
John McCain (U.S. Senator):
Instant Runoff Voting "will lead to good government because voters will elect leaders who have the support of a majority. Elected leaders will be more likely to listen to all and cities will be able to enjoy big tax savings and keep majority rule."
Steve Cohen (U.S. Representative):

"Instant runoff voting will let Memphis voters elect leaders with majority support while also allowing a more diverse range of voices to be heard. It encourages candidates to run positive campaigns based on the issues. It will save voters time, taxpayers money, and is a step forward for democracy in Memphis."

A.C. Wharton (Shelby County Mayor):
""Instant runoff voting is a more efficient, more fair, and less expensive way to conduct runoff elections. By giving citizens more choices, it encourages greater voter participation and contributes to a healthier, more active community.""
Jesse Jackson Jr (U.S. Representative):
Instant Runoff Voting would "encourage a more diverse range of candidates to run...This more inclusive process would give voters a greater reason to vote, with an increased chance of their vote counting towards a winner.By opening the field to more choices, which, according to polls, most Americans would welcome, it could help to lift voter turnout."

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