Reporting of results and data release 
for RCV races for supervisor

On Friday, November 5, the San Francisco Department of Election released preliminary RCV results, including a complete set of rankings for all ballot scanned to date.  We are providing simple software so that members of the public can perform their own RCV tally.

On October 25, the Department of Elections released a memorandum describing its plan for releasing election results and data and posted sample election reports on its website.  The Dept released  RCV election on election night and posted updated results throughout the process of counting absentee and provisional ballots.

You can view current RCV tallies for District 1, District 5, District 7 and District 11.  In other races, a winner was elected with a majority of initial votes.

The Department of election has also posted a complete set of rankings, referred to as "Ballot Detail."  If you wish to analyze these rankings, you may wish to view the codes used in the files, and you can use our software for performing an RCV tally and producing text files of rankings that are easier to manipulate than the large file posted on the City's website.

We have also posted an annotated sample data set that shows the actual codes and file format that were used on November 2.

Questions about this information should be directed to:

Caleb Kleppner
Center for Voting and Democracy
ck  at   fairvote  dot  org