IRV Editorials
October 25th 2006
'Yes' to Measure O, instant runoff voting
Oakland Tribune

The Oakland Tribune endorses Measure O to implement instant runoff voting.

October 22nd 2006
CHARTER changes
Tacoma News Tribune

The Tacoma News Tribune endorses instant runoff voting for Pierce County (WA).

October 8th 2006
Editorial: Minneapolis should try voting by number
Minneapolis Star-Tribune

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune endorses instant runoff voting for the city charter.

March 12th 2006
Instant runoff voting is worth consideration
The Decatur Daily

An editorial that encourages state elections officials to take a careful look at instant runoff voting as a way to eliminate costly runoff elections.

March 10th 2006
Instant runoff voting advances
The Times of Trenton (NJ)

An editorial that praises Burlington's recent IRV election as a way to avoid runoffs, while advocating adoption of IRV for mayoral elections in Trenton, NJ.

February 22nd 2006
Election method will be first for Oregon
The Daily Vanguard

Matt Petrie makes an accurate description of Instant Runoff Voting, a voting method used since 2005 for student elections at Portland State University.

November 20th 2005
Why we need runoff voting
Trenton Times

Editorial: Citizens who want to make certain that their votes are effective should demand that their lawmakers enact IRV.

November 14th 2005
Would runoff system be worthwhile here?
The Annapolis Capital

In an opinion story about IRV, The Annapolis Capital cites the recent victories in Takoma Park and urges Annapolis, MD to consider such reforms.

October 12th 2005
Is Instant Runoff Voting Feasible?
The Ledger

Advocates in Florida are urging local governments to switch to Instant Runoff Voting.

September 30th 2005
Instant runoffs instantly persuasive
Daytona Beach News-Journal

Opinon piece on why Alachua County should adopt IRV elections

June 25th 2005
Instant runoffs may sound confusing but work well
Pelican Press

Editorial by Florida weekly calling on Sarasota charter review committee to consider supporting IRV.

June 21st 2005
What would LeRoy Collins do?
St. Petersburg Times

Editorial by St. Petersburg Times calling for Governor Jeb Bush to consider instant runoff voting rather than sign a bill reverting to a plurality system.

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