IRV Editorials
November 26th 2006
In Our View - A Different Way to Vote
The Columbian

Editorial asks Vancouver lawmakers to make good on a 1999 decision to implement an instant runoff voting pilot program in that Washington city.

November 24th 2006
A welcome experiment with runoff votes
Seattle Times

According to the editors, King County and the entire state of Washington should follow Pierce County in restoring voter choice through instant runoff voting.

November 17th 2006
Editorial: Minnesota needs new voting system
Minneapolis Star-Tribune

The Star-Tribune calls for statewide instant runoff voting in Minnesota, citing repeated spoilers in gubernatorial elections.

November 16th 2006
Say yes to Instant Runoff Voting
Pasadena Weekly

The Pasadena Weekly endorses instant runoff voting for its inclusiveness and the fiscal good sense it makes.

November 15th 2006
County officials should be up to IRV challenge
Tacoma News Tribune

An editorial argues that the newly elected Pierce Co. (WA) Auditor should have no problem implementing instant runoff voting.

November 14th 2006
Democracy: New way to vote
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer editorial staff comments on Pierce County's amendment to introduce Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) for most county offices.

November 9th 2006
They fight, we vote, they offer to help
St. Paul Pioneer Press

St. Paul editorial board comments favorably on instant runoff voting.

November 4th 2006
Job One for Congress: improve elections
Sacramento Bee

FairVote's Rob Richie and The New America Foundation's Steven Hill urge Congress to ensure the integrity of the institution by improving the electoral process. This article has appeared in other newspapers as well.

November 3rd 2006
Bring Democracy Home
The Nation

Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of The Nation, outlines ways to improve the democratic process, advocating nonpartisan election administrations and encouraging IRV and proportional representation as alternatives to the current winner-takes-all system.

November 1st 2006
Vote 'yes' for Charter Amendment 3
Peninsula Gateway

The Pierce County (WA) Yes On 3 campaign for instant runoff voting racks up another editorial endorsement.

November 1st 2006
From the Editor
Whole Life Times

The editor supports instant runoff voting and the CA Secretary of State's decision to give voters a paper ballot option as ways to boost voter choice and confidence.

October 31st 2006
Vote yes for instant runoff
Minnesota Daily

The Minnesota Daily joine the Star-Tribune in endorsing instant runoff voting for Minneapolis this November.

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