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Washington State Democrats on IRV and Full Representation

This spring the Washington State Democratic Party adopted a series of electoral reforms, including abolition of the Electoral College, congressional representation for the District of Columbia, public financing and universal voter registration. It adopted the following resolution authorizing instant runoff voting and full representation for non-partisan municipal elections, and calling for a commission to study these systems for all other elections. Here is the full text.

Study and Authorization of Alternative Voting Systems

Whereas citizen participation and full representation in government is key to our democratic process; 

Whereas the conditions under which our current "winner take all" electoral system were created have substantially changed; 

Whereas counties and cities in Washington have called for and voted for electoral systems not currently authorized by the Washington legislature, 

Whereas, alternative voting systems promise a variety of benefits including: saving our counties money, increasing voter turnout, decreasing negative campaigning, decreasing the impact of money on campaigns, assuring majority rule, increasing minority representation, and allowing voters honestly to vote their interest;

Therefore Be It Resolved that we support authorization of alternative voting systems, including Proportional Representation and Instant Runoff Voting for non-partisan municipal elections.

Be It Further Resolved that a commission be established to study alternative voting systems, including Proportional Representation and Instant Runoff Voting, for other elections.

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