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November 10th 2006
SF Supervisor Candidates Anxiously Awaiting Second-Ranked Vote Count
KTVU Bay City News

Candidates for San Francisco supervisor in the closely contested races of Districts 4 and 6 wait for the results of ranked choice voting.

April 20th 2006
Do the Math -- Instant Voter Runoff Adds Up for APAs
The Cause Report

Article describing pernicious vote-splitting among Asian American candidates in California, and how instant runoff voting can remedy the problem.

February 5th 2006
Ranked voting: Less money, more turnout
San Francisco Examiner

FairVote's California representative Christopher Jerdonek co-authored this piece highlighting how San Francisco's use of IRV was highly successful, having increased turnout markedly.

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  • California Instant Runoff Voting Coalition is an action-oriented site that is campaigning for more of the successful local ballot measures in California (like Oakland, Santa Clara County and San Leandro County) as well as state legislation.

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