Size Doesn't Matter

One of the objectives of the Founders was to ensure that candidate platforms and campaigns addressed the needs and concerns of each state equally.  The Electoral College was created to ensure candidates would pay attention to every states’ needs, since some states obviously overwhelmed others in population.  However, this is hardly working today, as candidates spend the majority of their time, money and energy wooing a handful of swing states, and ignoring the worries of most states - large and small.

Special Interests

Power of State Legislatures

Unlucky Luck

Ignoring Your Vote

Vague Values

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Electoral Replacements

Electoral Tie

Favorite Son Effect

A Few States Wins

Constitutional Residence

Electoral College Table of Contents

April 17th 2009
In our view, April 17: Equal Voting

Editorial in the Columbian in favor of the national popular vote plan, which is likely to be passed into law soon in the state of Washington.

February 5th 2009
Push continues to defeat Electoral College
Associated Press

Associated Press wire story on National Popular Vote moving in Vermont features FairVote analysis

January 20th 2009
Initiative could make elections more fair
The Columbia Tribune

Missouri ally of the National Popular Vote plan writes oped in local paper.

January 10th 2009
Abolish the Electoral College
Sarasota Herald Tribune

Editorial strongly in favor of a national popular vote for president via constitutional amendment or the 'compelling' National Popular Vote plan.

December 22nd 2008
Time to eliminate Electoral College?

Editorial supports a national popular vote for president, citing FairVote's research.

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