Size Doesn't Matter

One of the objectives of the Founders was to ensure that candidate platforms and campaigns addressed the needs and concerns of each state equally.  The Electoral College was created to ensure candidates would pay attention to every states’ needs, since some states obviously overwhelmed others in population.  However, this is hardly working today, as candidates spend the majority of their time, money and energy wooing a handful of swing states, and ignoring the worries of most states - large and small.

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Power of State Legislatures

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Ignoring Your Vote

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A Few States Wins

Constitutional Residence

Electoral College Table of Contents

December 21st 2008
Choose President by National Popular Vote
Wichita Eagle

Co-President of Wichita-Metro League of Women Voters cites FairVote in argument for National Popular Vote

December 17th 2008
Electoral College debate reignites
Small Newspaper Group (Illinois)

The debate over the Electoral College reignites in the land of Lincoln.

December 16th 2008
Flunking Electoral College
Baltimore Sun

Editorial making the case against the electoral college.

December 15th 2008
Cruise keeps local elector from historic Obama vote
Quad Cities Online

FairVote's Adam Fogel quoted on the National Popular Vote plan.

December 15th 2008
Garrett J. Bradley and Pamela H. Wilmot: In the most important election, all votes should matter
Enterprise News

Massachusetts State Rep and Common Cause director make the case against the electoral college.

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