Illinois Articles:
May 14th 2009
Let's Make Every Vote Count
The Nation

Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of the Nation magazine, highlights FairVote's research in an important piece on the "broad support" growing in the states for the National Popular Vote plan to elect the president.

April 7th 2009
Chicago's Special Election is a Waste: Fill Vacancies in One Election, Not Two
Huffington Post

Former FairVote analyst Dan Johnson-Weinberger says Illinois should fill vacant house seats in a single election. Among his proposed solutions is instant runoff voting.

March 2nd 2009
Instant democracy available in instant runoff elections
Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn proposes insant runoff voting as a solution to the problems that plague the current special election to fill Rahm Emmanuel's vacated House seat.

February 25th 2009
More economical solution to costly special election

FairVote Democracy Fellow Erik Connell details the pitfalls of runoff elections: cost and low turnout. He advocates instant runoff voting as the solution to these problems.

February 24th 2009
Drive to enfranchise DC clears Senate hurdle
Associated Press

The U.S. Senate votes 62-34 to move the DC House Voting Rights Act forward.

January 24th 2009
Don't Name That Senator
New York Times

Rhode Island State Representative and FairVote Analyst David Segal argues for special elections for senatorial vacancies and for instant runoff voting.

January 24th 2009
How Not to Pick a Senator
Washington Post

Editorial calls for special elections to fill Senatorial vacancies.

December 17th 2008
Electoral College debate reignites
Small Newspaper Group (Illinois)

The debate over the Electoral College reignites in the land of Lincoln.

November 7th 2008
Push to Expand Early Balloting and Voter Rolls
The New York Times

EAC Chair Rosemary Rodriguez and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton endorse universal and automatic voter registration.

October 28th 2008
When winner takes all, we lose: Fix electoral college now
New York Daily News

Bill Hammond calls for a National Popular Vote to make New York voters matter in the Presidential Election.

July 31st 2008
Why Aurora needs a mayoral primary
The Beacon News

Commentary urges Aurora (IL) to consider instant runoff voting.

June 14th 2008
Ballot moves could pre-empt town meeting
Urbana/Champaign News-Gazette

News article on effort by IRV activists to place measure on November ballot.

June 1st 2008
Instant replay? Activist group seeking second chance at placing advisory questions on ballot
The News Gazette

An Urbana (IL) group is seeking a special meeting of the Cunningham Town Board to consider putting the adoption of IRV for city primary and general elections on the Nov. 4 ballot.

May 14th 2008
Unconventional wisdom: longer nomination helps Democrats
Belleville News Democrat

A Rob Richie Op-Ed explaining how the hotly contested presidential nomination between Obama and Clinton revitalizes the democratic voter turnout for all elections as well as Americans' involvement in politics.

May 11th 2008
Confusing ballot designs still plague elections
The Associated Press

The Associated Press reports, ballot designs are still confusing voters