June 9th 2005
Hot box for Campbell: Vote reform
The Tyee

Given the large support that choice voting received in British Columbia, electoral reform is likely to remain an issue.

May 27th 2005
P.E.I. to vote on election reform plan
CBC News

Prince Edward Island citizens will vote in the fall on a mixed-member full representation program.

May 26th 2005
STV supporters may take the initiative
The Richmond Review

Given the strong support of the recent choice voting referendum, a new initiative for electoral reform may be advanced if there is not a move toward a more proportional system.

May 24th 2005
BC-STV, what's next for electoral reform?
Robson Valley Times

Another referendum would likely again show that citizens prefer choice voting to the current system.

May 23rd 2005
Vote-reform supporters vow to continue STV fight
Vancouver Sun

Supporters of choice voting make plans to continue forward with promoting reform.

May 23rd 2005
Virtue found amid the pandemonium
The Chronicle Herald

British Columbia's referendum advances the fight for full representation in Canada.

May 22nd 2005
Hewitt: No Cabinet consensus on electoral reform

Canadian Health Secretary challenges the country's first-past-the-post electoral system.

May 20th 2005
Voting reform group says 50% plus 1 should win
CBC News

Following the British Columbia referendum on choice voting, Prince Edward Island is now also considering such electoral reform.

May 20th 2005
Lessons for Ontario from B.C. on election reform
Toronto Star

Canadian citizens demand full representation voting systems across the country.

May 20th 2005
Students go Green and like STV in their own vote
Whistler Question

British Columbia students back choice voting in mock elections.

May 19th 2005
STV close, but...
Richmond Review

The results of the referendum on choice voting reflect a desire for reforming the electoral system.

May 19th 2005
Referendum result is enough to start process of reform
The Province

Wasted votes and lack of diversity in government show the urgent need for electoral reform in British Columbia.

May 19th 2005
BC Vote Buoys Hopes for Electoral Reform
The Globe and Mail

British Columbia choice voting referendum sets the tone for country wide full representation voting reform.

May 18th 2005
Door open for electoral change: B.C. premier
CBC News

Tuesday's election in British Columbia shows voters want electoral reform.

May 18th 2005
Yes side in proposed electoral system in B.C. want government to implement it

Leaders agree on the need for electoral reform change in British Columbia after a majority of voters voted to adopt choice voting this week.

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