May 17th 2005
An intriguing idea for election reform goes to a vote today in British Columbia
San Jose Mercury News

US should follow the example of British Columbia citizens, and consider ways to more fairly represent diverse interests of all voters.

May 16th 2005
B.C. puts election reform to test in provincial ballot
Calgary Herald

Choice voting in British Columbia will bring a stronger democracy by representing voter's true preferances.

May 9th 2005
David Suzuki, Rafe Mair, and Others Back Yes Vote for STV
Canadian Democratic Movement

Celebrities endorse choice voting in British Columbia to create stronger, fairer elections without wasting votes.

May 9th 2005
B.C. considers new voting system
National Post

Rally in British Columbia supports choice voting for a more representative and democratic government.

April 30th 2005
The STV: What the Irish have learned
The Vancouver Sun

The success of choice voting in Ireland has installed diversity in government and given higher value of an individual's vote.

April 13th 2005
Vote Yes to STV on May 17
Saanich News

Single Transferable Vote endorsed to create fairer, more competitive elections.

April 6th 2005
ELECTED DICTATORS:Canadian style, vs. Uncle Sam's checks and balances
Canada Free Press

Call for proportional representation to make Canada's government for and by the people.

April 1st 2005
Hail to the people power

British Columbia citizens to vote on possible adoption of proportional representation.

March 20th 2005
Election reform bill deserves attention
Toronto Star

Premier Dalton McGuinty has introduced legislation to rejuvenate democratic process.

March 15th 2005
Citizen's assembly can lead reform
Progressive Populist

A Citizen's Assembly, not the initiative process, will effectively reform California's political system.

January 18th 2005
Democratic Reform: Can political system stomach a makeover?
The Telegraph-Journal

December 10th 2004
The changing face of democracy
CBC News

December 9th 2004
Political Connections: Greens, Liberals Drove Assembly to STV
The Georgia Straight

November 29th 2004
Hugs, tears as assembly says farewell
The Vancouver Sun

November 26th 2004
Current electoral system needs review
Ancaster News

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