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CVD Partners with Voting Solutions to  Release Voting Software under Open License

Nov 14, 2003

In the interest of easing the burden of administering ranked-ballot elections and of ensuring the integrity and accuracy of election software, the Center for Voting and Democracy is partnering with Voting Solutions to release Voting Solution's Choice Plus software under an open license.

Additional details can be found in the Business Wire article on this project.

The organizations are seeking programmers experienced in open source development projects to assist with the release.

We are making the code available for inspection purposes only, since we have not yet determined if all code and modules can be released with an open license.  If any non-releasable code is found, the first step in this project will be re-writing the code to satisfy the open license.

Download the code:

We plan  to release the software under the Gnu General Public License.

If you are interested in assisting with this project, please contact:

choiceplus (a)

Caleb Kleppner
Center for Voting and Democracy

Steve Willett
Voting Solutions, LLC

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