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(Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who seeks the Democratic Party's nomination for president, on July 17 issued the following position that goes into detail about his support for instant runoff voting and includes full representation among reforms he also supports. Vermont governor Howard Dean also is expressing support for IRV on the campaign trail.)

Read this story at Kucinich's site 

Our election system is in need of serious reform to expand and enrich democracy. I support measures such as comprehensive campaign finance reform and Clean Money public financing of the public's elections; ample free television time for candidates, coupled with the break-up of the media monopolies that restrict political debate; election day as a holiday; election day voter registration; enhanced voting rights enforcement; an end to the racially-biased disenfranchisement of felons who have served their time; full Congressional representation for residents of the District of Columbia; cross-party endorsement or "fusion"; an inclusive debate process that does not exclude credible 3rd-party candidates; and expansion of elections using full (proportional) representation, which assure more accurate and broader representation than winner-take-all elections.

I also support "Instant Runoff Voting." IRV offers a cost-effective way of insuring that the winning candidate is preferred by a majority of voters; it encourages voters to vote their wishes and not their fears; it promotes greater voter turnout and positive campaigning.

I am running my presidential campaign in line with these reform principles. I don't take corporate PAC money. My campaign is financed largely through small donations, mostly through the Internet -- and propelled by thousands of volunteers. A true grassroots campaign.

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