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October 19th 2009
Mandatory Voting? Automatic Registration? How Un-American!
Huffington Post

President of Air America Media, Mark Green, explains why Instant Runoff Voting, Automatic Registration and Mandatory Voting are not only important but could lead to a more democratic society.

September 30th 2009
Can a 17-year-old register to vote? It depends
Ventura County Star

"Most Californians register to vote not because a political cause has touched their heart, but rather because they checked a box on a form at the Department of Motor Vehicles when they received or renewed their driver´┐Żs license."

September 27th 2009
Giving teens a civic voice
The Fayetteville Observer

In January, North Carolina will become the third state to implement FairVote-endorsed youth preregistration.

September 8th 2009
Give voters final say on vacancies

The two legislators proposing a constitutional amendment mandating elections to fill Senate vacancies make their case in the pages of Politico.

September 4th 2009
It's time to elect all U.S. senators
Miami Herald

Rob Richie, in a piece published throughout McClatchy papers' newswires, explains why convenience and expediency should not trump principle when choosing our U.S. Senators.

August 28th 2009
Senators question system of replacing retirees

FairVote research is cited in explaining the huge percentage of U.S. Senators who have served without being elected those they represent.

August 27th 2009
A way to restore the people's Senate
Detroit Free Press

Despite moves to change Massachusetts law to allow for appointments to fill Senate vacancies, Dickerson says mandating special elections would be a "fitting tribute" to the late Sen. Kennedy.

August 25th 2009
Replacing Senator Kennedy
New York Times

The New York Times cites FairVote research in its opposition to a plan to return Massachusetts to the undemocratic appointment of U.S. Senators to fill vacancies.

August 25th 2009
Successor can wait
Scripps Howard News Service

Opinion columnist says that Massachusetts should stick to special elections to fill Senate vacancies, cites FairVote research.

August 13th 2009
An Official Right to Vote
The New York Times

FairVote's Adam Fogel responds to a New York Times Editorial about felon disenfranchisement.

August 11th 2009
More Quitters (R-Fla., R-Tex.)
Washington Post

Washington Post editorial bemoans the fact that over a quarter of the nation is represented in the Senate by people that no one elected.

July 27th 2009
Election Day Registration
Washington Post

Washington Post editorial page comes out in favor of DC's Omnibus Election Reform Act of 2009, which includes several FairVote-backed measures for improvements to registration and increased participation.

July 24th 2009
The Right Way to Register Voters
The New York Times

Editorial by the New York Times comes out in support of efforts now underway in the US Senate to modernize voter registration practices so that we "live up to the ideal of the founders of a nation governed with the consent of the governed."

July 20th 2009
Looking Abroad For Answers On Voter Registration
National Journal

Recent studies by the Brennan Center and U.S. PIRG show the need for universal voter registration in the U.S.

June 29th 2009
Register Everybody
Roll Call

Editorial declares that the U.S. government needs to start taking a more proactive approach to voter registration in order to live up to the standards that other countries have set.

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