The Right to Vote Initiative
The right to cast a free and secret ballot is the foundation of American democracy. Yet it has become all too clear that our voting system remains deeply flawed. In recent elections, we have seen millions of U.S. citizens denied the right to vote because of voter registration problems, lost or miscounted votes, language barriers, felony convictions, and targeted voter disenfranchisement.

To address these problems, FairVote has launched the Right to Vote Initiative. This initiative seeks to ensure that the right of every U.S. citizen to vote is enshrined in our Constitution and that our voting system is fair and equally accessible to all Americans. It urges the government to make universal voter registration a priority to ensure complete and accurate voter rolls.

To further these ends, the Right to Vote Initiative will perform research, analyze legislation, and develop policies to ensure that neither state nor national laws will restrict the ability of citizens to cast a ballot.