May 6th 2009
Aspen voter turnout breaks record
Aspen Times

Article on the record-breaking turnout in Aspen's May 5th election, the city's first using instant runoff voting.

May 5th 2009
Larry R. Bradley and Rob Richie: To increase voter turnout, try a more efficient election process
Omaha World-Herald

Op-ed by author Larry Bradley and FairVote Executive Director Rob Richie on why Omaha should dump its low turnout primaries in favor of instant runoff voting.

May 4th 2009
My Turn: Why Burlington's IRV system works
Burlington Free Press

Vermont League of Women Voters member Keri Toksu clears up some misconceptions about instant runoff voting, and talks about why the system is superior to the alternatives.

April 23rd 2009
CCSC winners: Action Potential, Clear Party
Columbia Spectator

Results of Columbia University's first instant runoff voting election for Columbia College Student Council.

April 23rd 2009
Mike Currie elected UISG president
Daily Iowan

Results from University of Iowa's recent Student Government election using instant runoff voting.

April 21st 2009
Vernon clinches SA presidency
The Dartmouth

Frances Vernon and Cory Cunningham won Dartmouth's recent elections for student body president and vice president, which used instant runoff voting to select the winners.

April 17th 2009
Letter: How to improve the SGA election process
Central Michigan Life

A letter to the editor from Central Michigan University Chemistry Professor Wendell Dilling on how the school could improve student government elections through instant runoff voting.

April 15th 2009
It's "ranked choice," and its appeal is growing
Star Tribune

Article on an event held by FairVote Minnesota to promote ranked choice voting in the state.

April 10th 2009
Council approves instant runoff for next city election

The Hendersonville, NC City Council voted 4-1 to renew their participation in the state's instant runoff voting pilot project.

April 7th 2009
Chicago's Special Election is a Waste: Fill Vacancies in One Election, Not Two
Huffington Post

Former FairVote analyst Dan Johnson-Weinberger says Illinois should fill vacant house seats in a single election. Among his proposed solutions is instant runoff voting.

April 5th 2009
AN ARGUMENT IN FAVOR: Instant runoff voting would make every vote count
Duluth News Tribune

Former U.S. Senator David Durenberger and Hamline Professor David Schultz believe instant runoff voting is a worthy reform to consider in the wake of the recent Minnesota Senate election.

April 2nd 2009
ASWC executive council to be elected
Whitman College Pioneer

April elections of Whitman College's Executive Council and Senate will make use of instant runoff voting.

April 2nd 2009
No consensus on city vote change plan
Herald Sun

FairVote North Carolina Executive Director Torrey Dixon is quoted in this article on a Durham hearing about the possibility of switching to instant runoff voting.

April 2nd 2009
A preference for a better electoral system
Jakarta Post

In this Jakarta Post Op-ed, David Stanford explains that Indonesians should not have to wait several months for their government to take office due to runoff elections, but instead should use instant runoff voting.

April 1st 2009
Runaway, Budget-Busting Runoffs
California Progress Report

California State Assemblymember Ted Lieu and New America Foundation Political Reform Program Deputy Director Gautam Dutta explain why instant runoff voting would be preferable to California's current runoff system.

March 31st 2009
Mark Ridley-Thomas calls for 'instant runoff' system
Los Angeles Daily News

Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas introduced a measure calling for instant runoff voting for county elections.

March 31st 2009
L.A. County to study using instant runoff elections
Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles County will look at using instant runoff voting in county elections in order to avoid the numerous runoffs the city holds each year.

March 30th 2009
Cast vote for ranked choice
Fort Collins Coloradoan

Eric Fried outlines why instant runoff voting is superior to plurality voting, and argues for its adoption in Fort Collins, CO.

March 27th 2009
Weaver/Wise win SG election
Independent Collegian

Article on Toledo's March student government elections, in which the school used instant runoff voting.

March 21st 2009
�Ranked-choice� voting saves time, money
Duluth News Tribune

Mary Evans and Bob Wahman of the Duluth Better Ballot Campaign state their case for instant runoff voting, which they hope will be on the ballot in Duluth in 2010.

March 20th 2009
Bernstein Wins APA Presidency
Psychiatric News

Article on March elections for American Psychiatric Association President and other officers, where instant runoff voting was used.

March 18th 2009
State's high court to expedite appeal on instant-runoff voting
Minneapolis Star Tribune

The Minnesota Supreme Court will hear an appeal on a case about the constitutionality of instant runoff voting for Minneapolis elections. It has already been ruled constitutional by a Hennepin County District judge.

March 18th 2009
In Defense of IRV
Seven Days

FairVote's Terry Bouricius explains why Burlington's elections are much better under instant runoff voting than they were when the city used runoff elections.

March 16th 2009
An electoral reform worth considering
New Jersey Law Journal

Advocates for the adoption of instant runoff voting in New Jersey, and for the New Jersey Senate to adopt Senate Joint Resolution 43, which would create a commission to study the issue.

March 16th 2009
Local Briefs
Aspen Times

Aspen will use instant runoff voting for the first time in May.

March 13th 2009
Instant runoff elections
The Caledonian Record

Letter to the editor urging the expansion of instant runoff voting beyond Burlington to statewide elections in Vermont.

March 13th 2009
Council Looks At Changing Election Method

The Cary Town Council held a hearing to decide whether or not to keep its instant runoff voting election method.

March 12th 2009
Instant runoff voting just makes sense
Des Moines Register

Letter to the Editor in the Des Moines Register defending instant runoff voting against anti-IRV Op-ed.

March 11th 2009
What Are We, Stupid?
Seven Days

Seven Days writer Shay Totten takes a look at Burlington's recent instant runoff voting election.

March 11th 2009
Instant runoff voting could appear on November ballot
Duluth News Tribune

A petition to put instant runoff voting on the November ballot in Duluth, MN is making headway.

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