February 12th 2009
Ranked choice and political shenanigans
The Seattle Times

Seattle Times writer Ryan Blethen disagrees with the Pierce County Council's decision to send an IRV repeal charter amendment to the voters.

February 11th 2009
Instant runoff voting and the community colleges
Los Angeles Times

L.A. Times writer Robert Greene talks about IRV as a possible solution to costly runoffs in L.A.

February 10th 2009
City ironing out details on instant runoff voting
Aspen Daily News

Update on Aspen City Council's implementation of IRV for May elections.

February 7th 2009
Election rule changes could save money, city clerk says
The Daily Review

A San Leandro City Council committee recommended the use of IRV for city elections.

February 6th 2009
Minneapolis moves forward on IRVing
Minn Post

The Minneapolis City Council voted 12-1 to go ahead with IRV elections in November.

February 5th 2009
Ranked-choice voting this fall in Minneapolis - almost for sure
Minneapolis Star Tribune

Update on implementation of IRV in Minneapolis.

February 4th 2009
Opinion: Now's the time to think of ideas for a new state government system
San Jose Mercury News

New America Foundation Fellow Micah Weinberg talks about ideas for a proposed California constitutional convention, including proportional voting, instant runoff voting, and decreasing the number of representatives per resident.

February 3rd 2009
The U.S. is ready for election reform
Rochester Post Bulletin

Columnist Bill Boyne makes the case for election reform, including, universal voter registration, instant runoff voting and a national popular vote for president.

January 31st 2009
Test raises caution flag on 'top two' primary
Sacramento Bee

Top two primaries decrease voter choice in elections. Instant runoff voting would be a better choice for California

January 31st 2009
Guest column: Instant runoff avoids costs, increases choice
Des Moines Register

Comment piece argues that instant runoff elections would save Iowans money and ensure that the winning candidate is preferred by most voters.

January 29th 2009
Virgil Swing: Pondering the merits of instant-runoff voting
Duluth News Tribune

Virgil Swing discusses the merits of adopting instant runoff voting in Duluth, Minnesota.

January 28th 2009
Election Reform
The Concordian

Instant runoff voting would all better representation of voters' choice in Minnesota elections.

January 14th 2009
Instant-runoff voting wins a round
Minneapolis Star Tribune

Instant-runoff voting in Minneapolis has gotten a boost from a Hennepin County District judge.

January 14th 2009
Judge upholds instant runoff voting in Minneapolis
Minnesota Public Radio

Minneapolis � The city of Minneapolis has cleared a major hurdle on its way to using instant runoff voting for city elections this fall. A Hennepin County judge has rejected a lawsuit seeking to halt the process.

January 13th 2009
The Unknown Senator
Washington Post

Editorial discusses instant runoff voting.

January 13th 2009
John Hottinger and Carl Cummins: Runoff elections? Yes, please -- but make them instant
Minneapolis Star Tribune

Commentary makes the case for instant runoff voting in Minnesota in wake of the US Senate race recount.

December 10th 2008
Instant runoff voting

Los Angeles Times editorial written by the New America Foundation deputy director Blair Bobier champions the benefits of instituting Instant Runoff Voting.

December 9th 2008
Report card for ranked-choice voting

FairVote ally Steven Hill reports on the success of Instant Runoff Voting in San Francisco.

December 2nd 2008
'Instant runoff' voting deserves a closer look
Athens Banner-Herald

As Georgia finishes its runoff for US Senate, it becomes the latest state taking a good look at instant runoff voting.

November 30th 2008
How to have minor parties that are more than spoilers
Minneapolis Star Tribune

Well-known writer-thinker advocates IRV in tandem with fusion voting

November 24th 2008
Elections with less acrimony? That's the true beauty of IRV
Minneapolis Star Tribune

Columnist argues for instant runoff voting for Minnesota.

November 24th 2008
Avoid the agony of recounts, and more, with instant runoff
Star Tribune

Former US Senator Durenberger (R) advocates IRV for Minnesota.

November 18th 2008
Don�t let critics scapegoat ranked choice
The News Tribune

Article defending ranked choice voting for Pierce County, Washington

November 17th 2008
Antiquated runoff system does not reflect voters� views
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Maths professor calls for instant runoff voting in Georgia to avoid expensive, low-turnout runoffs.

November 14th 2008
Minnesota elections are already a national leader, but could they be better?
Minnesota Post

Article explores the advantages of instant runoff voting for Minnesota.

November 13th 2008
Charter Club
Memphis Flyer

News article on the approval of IRV by Memphis voters.

November 13th 2008
KC Group Wants to Change Voting System

A group called Kansas City for Ranked Choice Voting wants implement instant runoff voting.

November 12th 2008
Senate race shows need for runoff system
Duluth News Tribune

Commentator aruges Minnesota should adopt either a two-round runoff system or an instant runoff system to solve the spoiler problem.

November 7th 2008
Minnesota needs to adopt a majority-vote requirement
Saint Paul Legal Ledger

Former state senator and senior fellow for the Humphrey Institute of Public Affair�s Center for Science, Technology and Public Policy calls for instant runoff voting in Minnesota.

November 2nd 2008
Charter Vote Slow Down Pace at Polls
Memphis Commercial Appeal

Article deals with difficulties in the voting process and lists the various city and county charter amendments

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