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2004 Democratic Primary Schedule

**View results as they become available**

We have also compiled a list of 2004 voter registration deadlines using information from the Federal Elections Commission. This list also has a summary of primaries that are open and closed. Open primaries allow independents and/or registered members of other parties to vote in them and closed primaries only allow registrants of one party.

January 13
District of Columbia Primary (non-binding) (Closed)

January 19
Iowa Caucuses

January 27
New Hampshire Primary (Closed)

February 3
Arizona Primary (Closed)
Delaware Primary (Closed)
Missouri Primary (Open)
New Mexico Caucus
North Dakota Caucus
Oklahoma Primary (Closed)
South Carolina Primary (Closed)

February 7
Michigan Democratic Caucus
Washington Caucus

February 8
Maine Primary

February 10
Tennessee Primary (Open)
Virginia Primary (Open)

February 14
Nevada Caucus

February 17
Wisconsin Primary (Open)

February 24
Hawaii Caucus
Idaho Caucus
Utah Primary*

March 2
California Primary (Modified Closed)
Connecticut Primary (Closed)
Georgia Primary (Open)
Maryland Primary (Closed)
Massachusetts Primary
Minnesota Primary
New York Primary (Closed)
Ohio Primary (Open)
Rhode Island Primary
Vermont Primary (Open)

March 9

Florida Primary (Closed)
Louisianna Primary (Open)
Mississippi Primary (Open)
Texas Primary (Open)

March 13
Kansas Caucus

March 16
Illinois Primary (Open)

March 20
Alaska Caucus
Wyoming Caucus

April 13
Colorado Caucus

April 27
Pennsylvania Primary (Closed)

May 4
Indiana Primary (Open)
North Carolina Primary (Closed)

May 11
Nebraska Primary (Open)
West Virginia Primary (Closed)

May 18
Arkansas Primary (Open)
Kentucky Primary (date subject to change) (Closed)
Oregon Primary (Closed)

June 1
Alabama Primary (Open)
South Dakota Primary (Closed)

June 8
Montana Primary (Open)
New Jersey Primary (Modified Open)

* Cancelation or defunding under consideration by legislature

Sources: National Association of Secretaries of State, Federal Elections Commission, Vote Smart, various state Democratic Party websites

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