Yes on Referenda 2E

By Hilary Stunda
Published November 4th 2007 in Aspen Times
Dear Editor:

You can count on me to be one of the many voters giving a big yes to Referendum 2E on Tuesday. Referendum E will mean that our city officials need to win with a majority of 50 percent plus one, not 45 percent of the vote. It also means that we will replace two rounds of voting with one instant runoff election.

I'm expecting Referendum E to get a big yes vote. My brother in-law lives in Takoma Park, Md., where they voted 84 percent for instant runoff voting, and an exit poll in its first election found that an even higher percentage people liking it after voting with it.

One of the things I like about instant runoff voting is that it frees you to vote without worrying about splitting the vote -- you can vote exactly the way you want to vote without someone suggesting your first choice is a spoiler. For the curious, you can find out more at and

Hilary Stunda