Vote Third Party

By Joe Lonsky
Published November 14th 2007 in The Ithica Journal

Senator Feinstein, one of our fearless lay-down-ocrats, has voted for the nomination of Bush's latest Dr. Death saying she didn't think he should be denied the nomination “on this one thing.” “This one thing,” of course, being torture.

She and all the other senators who voted for Mukasey should be water boarded along with their families. Then tell me what a small point this is.

If, by now, you haven't arrived at the fact that the Democrats and Republicans are working for the same big business I doubt you ever will. Once again, clearly illustrated: The vote of dissension (third party) is the only vote against torture and exploitation.
Third parties are the fastest growing parties in the United States. The revolution is here, it is growing and, of course, it will not be televised. Don't vote “viable”; vote your conscience.

Joe Lonsky