Time for instant runoff voting

By Gerry Del Fiacco
Published November 27th 2006 in St. Paul Pioneer Press

Continued dissection of the outcome of the election for governor is entertaining but bypasses the only important point still open for discussion. The personalities, policies and politics of the respective candidates in that election no longer are at issue.

It could be argued that people have the right to vote for any of multiple candidates running for any office, whether those candidates are mainstream troopers, reformers, non-traditionalists, protesters, comic figures or inhabitants of the twilight zone. Worthiness is a matter of subjective judgment.

But, the point is that the election for the highest office in our state government should be decided by a majority vote, not by a statistical plurality based on the distribution of votes among multiple candidates.

Since the Pioneer Press endorsed a third-party candidate for governor, they owe their readers an objective look at the concept of instant runoff voting, an idea whose time has come.