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Ranked Choice Voting for Rhode Island

FairVote Rhode Island is reaching out to educate Rhode Islanders and Ocean state policymakers about advanced voting methods like Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) and Instant Runoff Voting (IRV).

Voting systems that allow voters to rank candidates allow gaurenteed majority winners for single-member offices, and allow the greatest amount of voter choice in multi-member elections, like for Town Council or School Board. American cities, states and parties, as well as many nations, boards, associations and student government groups use rank choice voting to promote fairer elections:

Instant runoff voting allows towns with traditional runoffs to save money, while ranked choice voting means cleaner, more substantive campaigns as candidates seek to build coalitions and v ie for second and third choice support. Three is a crowd in modern American politics. But it doesn't have to be.

More on local efforts to support advanced voting methods:

Ranked Choice Voting at the State House

* In 2008, RI State Rep David Segal introduced H 7704, a measure which would allow Rhode Island's cities and towns to adopt ranked choice voting for their local elections. FairVote RI submitted this statement to the Rhode Island House Judiciary committee in addition to oral testimony in support of ranked choice voting in the Ocean State.

Proportional Voting in Providence

*A FairVote RI-backed resolution in the Providence City Council would institute proportional representation in Council elections. The Fifteen and Six proposal would add six at-large seats to the council, elected by Single Transferable Vote. Read a Letter to the Editor from former FairVote RI Director Ari Savitzky and former City councilman David Segal on this innovative proposal to expand Providence's democracy.

IRV at Brown University

IRV and other forms of choice voting are used on college campuses across the country to maximize voter choice and avoid the delays and inefficiencies of multi-stage runoffs. check out this report created by FairVote Rhode Island for the Brown University Undergraduate Council of Students on Instant Runoff Voting