Voting and Democracy Report: 1995

Table of Contents

Foreword, Matthew Cossolotto
Introduction, Rob Richie
Why I Like PR, CV&D Members
Chapter 1: Making the Case for PR in the United States Seven articles with a focus on PR
Spotlight 1: Testimony for Proportional Representation
Chapter 2: American Voting System History
Chapter 3: 1994 United States Elections
Chapter 4: Proportional Representation in Local Elections
Spotlight 2: Cambridge and Proportional Representation
Chapter 5: PR and the Voting Rights Act
Spotlight 3: Excerpts from the Center's Slide Show
Chapter 6: United States Political Reform
Spotlight 4: South Africa's 1994 Elections
Chapter 7: Elections and Reform Around the World Nineteen articles from our 1995 Voting and Democracy Report about democracy around the world.
PR from the left, center and right: Diverse perspectives on the value on PR.

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