September 8th 2009
A better election alternative for King County: ranked-choice voting
Seattle Times

Washington State activist writes, "take it both from the grass roots and from those who study elections for a living. We can save money, increase turnout and encourage positive campaigns by allowing our county's voters to consider adopting RCV."

September 7th 2009
How about a side of instant runoff voting?
St. Paul Pioneer Press

To get voters educated -- and to drum up business -- St. Paul restaurants are holding "tasting trials" using instant runoff voting.

September 2nd 2009
And the Winner Is...
The Political Reform Blog

New America's Blair Bobier makes the case that if the Motion Picture Academy can see the wisdom of IRV, so should the state of California as it considers changing to the "top two" primary system.

July 24th 2009
Ranked-choice voting a better fit for today's elections
MPR News

FairVote Minnesota's Jeanne Massey explains how the adoption of IRV in Minneapolis is a much needed and welcome change in light of the current political climate, and hopes that it will be the springboard for movement towards IRV in the entire state.

July 23rd 2009
Instant runoff voting campaign kicks off in St. Paul
MPR News

St. Paul IRV supporters are gearing up to start a campaign to use IRV not just for this upcoming election in St. Paul city elections, but for good.

July 22nd 2009
Instant Runoff Voting Could Lead to Big Savings for Cities, Counties

AB 1121, a bill allowing for IRV to be used in California's local elections, can save jurisdictions money in challenging economic times.

July 22nd 2009
New Instant-Runoff Voting Could Factor in 22 Minneapolis Races
The Minnesota Independent

The new implementation of IRV for Minneapolis city elections has led to a significant increase in the number of candidates running in city elections. . Chris Steller looks at possible pros and cons that IRV might bring to the table.

July 16th 2009
San Leandro considers instant-runoff voting for municipal elections
The Oakland Tribune

The city of San Leandro, a suburb of Oakland, is considering adopting the use of IRV for city elections.

July 5th 2009
It�s Time to Bring Majority Rule to the American Election Process
Richmond Times-Dispatch

The results of Virginia's recent Democratic gubernatorial primary illustrate how winner-take-all elections can produce winners who don't receive the majority of the vote. IRV ensures election winners have majority support.

June 17th 2009
Instant Runoff Elections are a Vote for Civility
Yes! Magazine

Fair Vote's Executive Director, Rob Richie, explains how IRV is greatly benefiting the election process of Burlington, Vermont.

June 16th 2009
Minneapolis makes way for new voting system
University of Minnesota Daily

FairVote Minnesota Director Jeanne Massey quoted in article on the implemenatation of IRV in Minneapolis.

June 14th 2009
Grunge party politics

FairVote Board Chair Krist Novoselic is running for County Clerk in Wahkiakum Co, WA to awareness of problems with Washington's open primary system and support for IRV.

June 11th 2009
Don�t call Pierce County�s ranked choice voting weird just because it�s different
Tacoma News Tribune

Peter Callaghan of the Tacoma News Tribune explains that although many Pierce County residents may think that their recently implemented IRV system for county elections is "weird", they should give it a chance because it has many hidden advantages.

June 11th 2009
San Jose considers major change to local elections
San Jose Mercury News

Frustrated by the cost of multiple elections to fill council seats and the difficulty of limiting the influence of special interests, San Jose (CA) officials consider instant runoff voting.

June 11th 2009
IRV is ready for Minneapolis debut
Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune

An editorial in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune speculates about the long-awaited debut of IRV in Minneapolis for the upcoming local elections this fall.

June 9th 2009
IRV better than old runoffs
Aspen Times

FairVote's Terry Bouricius confronts critics who claim that IRV's non-monotonicity make it an unsatisfactory election system.

June 8th 2009
Instant runoffs would reduce election costs
Torrance Daily Breeze

Opinion piece highlights the role IRV could have in shrinking California's budget deficit by eliminating the need for costly runoffs.

June 6th 2009
Jack Nagel: Accounting of IRV's flaws had its own
Minneapolis Star Tribune

Jack Nagel rebuts criticisms of IRV.

May 21st 2009
Herbkersman, Richie: Time to run off runoffs
The State

Runoffs after primaries can mean big plunges in voter turnout. Rob Richie and SC State Rep. Bill Herbkersman explain how IRV can achieve both majority consensus and eliminate separate, expensive runoffs.

May 21st 2009
Fixing City Hall
News Review

A Sacramento Charter Review Committee is looking at both instant runoff voting and proportional representation as possible changes to the city's charter.

May 18th 2009
Rattiner wins TCU presidency
Tufts Daily

Brandon Rattiner won the presidency in Tufts University student government elections, with 52% of the vote in the school's instant runoff voting election.

May 15th 2009
City attorney: IRV vote must wait
Burlington Free Press

Article on Burlington City Attorney's decision that any attempt to repeal instant runoff voting must come during a regularly scheduled election, not during a special election.

May 15th 2009
Give Ranked Choice a Chance
The Melon

Op-ed in Tacoma blog The Melon by FairVote Democracy Fellow Erik Connell on why Pierce County residents should vote to keep ranked choice voting this November.

May 14th 2009
Cary's mistake
News and Observer

Letter to the Editor by Cary, NC resident Carol Everett expressing her disappointment in the Town Council's decision not to continue to participate in the state's instant runoff voting pilot.

May 13th 2009
Instant runoff voting gets Supreme Court hearing
Minnesota Public Radio

Coverage of the Minnesota Supreme Court case on ranked choice voting's constitutionality.

May 10th 2009
Political Newcomers Set Sights on November
NBC 29

Article on the Charlottesville, VA Democrats' first use of instant runoff voting for their city council and sheriff open caucus.

May 9th 2009
Charlottesville Democrats nominate Norris and Szakos for City Council
Charlottesville Tomorrow

The Charlottesville, VA Democratic party held its first ever City Council and Sheriff open caucus using instant runoff voting.

May 8th 2009
Audit of Aspen's election shows no holes in system
Aspen Times

An audit of Aspen's first instant runoff voting election showed that the system had run perfectly.

May 7th 2009
IRV appears to have worked, but the debate continues
Aspen Daily News

Aspen Daily News' analysis of how instant runoff voting worked in Aspen's first election using the system.

May 6th 2009
Aspen voter turnout breaks record
Aspen Times

Article on the record-breaking turnout in Aspen's May 5th election, the city's first using instant runoff voting.

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