IRV Commentary
February 12th 2009
Ranked choice and political shenanigans
The Seattle Times

Seattle Times writer Ryan Blethen disagrees with the Pierce County Council's decision to send an IRV repeal charter amendment to the voters.

February 11th 2009
Instant runoff voting and the community colleges
Los Angeles Times

L.A. Times writer Robert Greene talks about IRV as a possible solution to costly runoffs in L.A.

February 4th 2009
Opinion: Now's the time to think of ideas for a new state government system
San Jose Mercury News

New America Foundation Fellow Micah Weinberg talks about ideas for a proposed California constitutional convention, including proportional voting, instant runoff voting, and decreasing the number of representatives per resident.

February 3rd 2009
The U.S. is ready for election reform
Rochester Post Bulletin

Columnist Bill Boyne makes the case for election reform, including, universal voter registration, instant runoff voting and a national popular vote for president.

January 31st 2009
Guest column: Instant runoff avoids costs, increases choice
Des Moines Register

Comment piece argues that instant runoff elections would save Iowans money and ensure that the winning candidate is preferred by most voters.

January 29th 2009
Virgil Swing: Pondering the merits of instant-runoff voting
Duluth News Tribune

Virgil Swing discusses the merits of adopting instant runoff voting in Duluth, Minnesota.

January 28th 2009
Election Reform
The Concordian

Instant runoff voting would all better representation of voters' choice in Minnesota elections.

January 13th 2009
John Hottinger and Carl Cummins: Runoff elections? Yes, please -- but make them instant
Minneapolis Star Tribune

Commentary makes the case for instant runoff voting in Minnesota in wake of the US Senate race recount.

December 9th 2008
Report card for ranked-choice voting

FairVote ally Steven Hill reports on the success of Instant Runoff Voting in San Francisco.

November 17th 2008
Antiquated runoff system does not reflect voters´┐Ż views
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Maths professor calls for instant runoff voting in Georgia to avoid expensive, low-turnout runoffs.

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