Endorsement: National Latino Congreso
Resolution 1.3
For Consideration by the National Latino Congreso
Wednesday, September 6, 2006
Author: Resolution Committee
Organization: Convener Organizations
Title: Omnibus Election Reform

WHEREAS the right to vote is a vital part of the American way of life and that a healthy election system is the source of the United States’ moral authority to govern rightfully,

WHEREAS the current American electoral system is disenfranchising Americans of all races, ethnicities, genders, creeds, ages and income classes in alarming proportions,

WHEREAS disenfranchising structures such as, but not limited to, the two party system, the party primary system, de facto general elections within primary elections, at-large election systems, and complicated registration procedures,

WHEREAS there has been an erosion of the Voting Rights Act by recent Supreme Court decisions and lack of enforcement of the United States Department of Justice, leading to additional disenfranchisement of the American electorate,

WHEREAS the Electoral College no longer reliably gauges the will of the American voters and further serves as yet another disenfranchising tool of the electorate,

WHEREAS the current system is structured to allow only the wealthy and influential the opportunity to become public servants,

The Delegates of the National Latino Congreso:

1. THEREFORE resolve to promote the importance of voting to all Americans, in particularly to minority communities which turnout disproportionate amounts compared to their true capabilities, in all elections with strong get-out-the-vote campaigns and messages,

2. THEREFORE further resolve to promote strong election reforms to help make the act of voting more accessible and relevant to all Americans. These reforms include:

a. Calling for states to directly elect the President of the United States by entering into a compact to award their Electoral College votes to the winner of the national popular vote. Such new state laws should only be implemented when a majority of states totaling 270 electoral votes enter the official compacts,

b. Reforming district elections where majority-minority districts are not feasible, local nonpartisan elections can be reformed into a single election with an instant run-off voting apparatus,

c. Therefore resolve to urge replacement of local at-large, two-stage election systems with a single state, instant run-off voting process,

d. Suggesting the use of cumulative (or proportionate) election systems for small, local jurisdiction elections where it is not possible to draw majority-minority single-member districts,

e. Allowing for voters to register on the same day as an election, making it easier for people to turn out on election day,

3. THEREFORE finally resolves to endorse the campaign finance reform concept called "Clean Money," which allows for the public financing of campaigns, as this reform would allow more opportunity for Americans of all socio-economic standing the chance to run for notable public offices.  
November 5th 2008
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