November 14th 2006
Instant Runoff Voting respects voter wishes
Fort Collins Coloradoan

Instant runoff voting relieves the spoiler effect, which affected races in Fort Collins (CO) on Election Day, notes this solid explanation of the system.

October 29th 2006
IRV will give military more time to vote
Tacoma News Tribune

Pierce County resident supports Amendment 3 to implement instant runoff voting to allow overseas military more time to vote absentee.

September 28th 2006
Must change processes for better system
Contra Costa

This letter to the editor says let's make instant runoff voting the norm in American elections, and try other pro-democracy reforms.

September 2nd 2006
How to democratize government
Minneapolis Star Tribune

A Minneapolis-area resident calls for IRV and proportional voting as means to increase voter participation and diversity of opinion in legislatures.

July 25th 2006
Another idea
Courier Post On-line

Letter to the editor totes instant runoff voting as a means to address the "spoiler" effect of third party candidates.

July 21st 2006
Instant-runoff voting a good idea
Contra Costa Times

Local League of Women's Voters member Judy Cox shares her support for IRV in Oakland in this letter to the editor.

July 1st 2006
Star-Tribune Netlets from Saturday, July 1

Cousins, a chair of FairVote MN points out why the state Independence Party had such a speedy convention. Hint: instant runoff voting.

June 23rd 2006
Electoral and popular votes
Washington Times

FairVote Executive Director Rob Richie's letter in the Washington Times underlines the value of establishing majority thresholds for winning executive offices in presidential elections.

March 28th 2006
Instant runoff is the winner
Rutland Herald

A strong letter to the editor defending IRV in Burlington, VT, and pointing out its great success.

March 21st 2006
Student Association Elections Undemocratic
The Hoya, Georgetown University

FairVote intern Amber Krosel makes a strong case for instant runoff voting for student body president at Georgetown University.

March 19th 2006
Soldiers stationed overseas deserve a better ballot
The Birmingham News

A letter to the editor advocating that the Alabama State Senate join the House in adopting HB711, a bill that would allow overseas absentee voters to use ranked choice ballots.

March 2nd 2006
Kudos to the UBE
The Cavalier Daily

University of Virginia student hails latest success of instant runoff voting in Student Council elections as a continued improvement to past procedures.

February 24th 2006
Primaries unneeded in election process
The State News, MSU's Independant Voice

A letter to the editor in support of IRV as a way to replace primary elections.

February 16th 2006
Act Locally With Instant Runoff Voting
The Minnesota Daily

A letter to the editor advocating for IRV in Minnesota and explaining what IRV is and how it works.

February 7th 2006
Let voters truly decide
Rutland Herald

A letter to the editor urges IRV as a way for Vermont to accomodate voter choice.

January 16th 2006
Instant runoff solves issue of spoilers
Barre-Montpeiler Times-Argus (in Vermont's capital city)

This Vermont writer shows IRV fosters diverse political debate by allowing voters to vote their consciences without having to second-guess the outcome.

December 9th 2005
More Choice in Elections
The New York Times

FairVote Chairman, John Anderson, praises Connecticut's step forward on public financing of elections but criticizes provisions that restrict third parties and independents, while calling for instant runoff voting and proportional voting.

December 4th 2005
Voting Machines and Instant Runoffs
New York Times

In this letter to the editor, Steven Abramson says New York state must act to ensure electronic voting machines can run IRV software.

November 18th 2005
GI voting may be answer
The Daily Avertiser

This letter argues that displaced Lousiana voters should have the ability to cast ranked-choice absentee ballots, as military and overseas residents in the state now do.

November 15th 2005
TOPIC OF THE DAY: Third-party influence
The Asbury Park Press

In this letter, Steve Welzer exposes spoiler problems in New Jersey and urges support for IRV.

October 19th 2005
Why two elections when one will do?

A letter to the editor that urges Utah to adopt IRV because it will save time and money. Mentions FairVote as a good resource for information about IRV.

September 29th 2005
Letter: The Running Party
Queens Ledger

Letter to the editor recommends adopting instant runoff voting in order to eliminate low voter turnout and costly runoff elections.

September 20th 2005
"Instant runoff' would save money

A letter to the editor about why Instant Runoff Voting is more cost effective then traditional elections.

July 26th 2005
Try instant runoff voting
The Spokesman-Review

Letter to the editor calling for Spokane to try IRV after failure of other voting methods.

July 2nd 2005
Go for instant runoff
Aspen Times

FairVote intern Hannah Garden-Monheit writes that to correct low turnout runoffs, Aspen should consider IRV.

April 12th 2005
A different way to vote
Minnesota Daily

LTE supports instant runoff voting for University of Minnesota elections, a measure that would pass two days later

April 1st 2005
Future UOSA elections need more accurate runoff
The Oklahoma Daily

Letter to Editor by FairVote's Steven Hoeschele highlights different IRV methods, calls for sequential eliminations as most sound method

May 27th 2004
Spoilers are so pass´┐Ż
Miami New Times

The spoiler effect and minority rule can only be dealt with if the U.S. begins to adopt the system of instant runoff voting.

July 30th 2003
Letter: Modernizing Elections
New York Times

FairVote's Steven Hill promotes proportional voting and instant runoff voting in the New York Times.

April 2nd 2003
The Way We Vote

FairVote's Rob Richie argues that third party candidates are not to blame for the problems with the 2000 election results, instead we should seek to change our plurality voting system.

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