Instant Runoff

Published September 6th 2008 in Wichita Eagle
Voters would be a lot more engaged in our elections if they felt they had more viable choices and could vote for candidates they feel represent their concerns and wishes. Most voters are tied between the "lesser of two evils," and vote their fears rather than their dreams when they step into the voting booth.

A simple solution is to implement instant-runoff voting. IRV is a simple voting method in which voters can rank their choices in order of preference. The top vote getter only wins if he receives a majority of the votes. If he doesn't, then the candidates who are ranked lowest are eliminated and the votes are re-tallied until there is a majority winner.

I would like to see a series of articles about IRV that help educate readers about the benefits of this system and cite the towns, cities and states that are implementing it all over the country.