The IRV Debate Continues

By Ryan Griffin
Published January 1st 2007 in Whole Life Times
Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) continued to be a popular reform across the country this fall and was approved by strong margins by voters in Oakland, Minneapolis, Davis and Pierce County, Wash. IRV gives voters the opportunity to express their opinions by ranking candidates in order of preference. Voters can support their favorite candidates without worrying about wasting votes. Ranking candidates is intuitive to voters, unlike complex weighted voting systems that are prone to strategic manipulation.

Unlike most other alternative voting systems, IRV has a proven track record of success in the US and around the world. In San Francisco and Burlington, Vt., campaigns have become more issue-oriented as candidates compete for second choice support from their opponents� supporters. IRV allows minor party and independent candidates to run and share their views without being labeled as spoilers; however, winners still need the support of a majority of voters.

There are still many problems with our democracy. IRV is one important step to fixing it.

� Ryan Griffin, IRV America Director