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Attempts to abolish the Electoral College: Over 600

Percentage of incumbents re-elected to the U.S. House, 1998-2004: 98.5%

News releases that break down the numbers that make up our democracy in a concise and entertaining way: 1

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FairVote's Innovative Analysis series crunches the numbers, giving a fresh perspective to the news of the day through the lens of electoral reform. Using a combination of raw data and FairVote's own unique insight, Innovative Analysis sheds new light on the way our democracy works today and then highlights ways in which it can be improved to realize the goals of equal voice, equal access, and equal representation in American elections. To get FairVote's Innovative Analysis in your e-mail inbox, write to [email protected] with "subscribe innovative analysis" in the subject heading.

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We Only Love You for Your Money

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