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Rule by the Non-Majority?
Plurality Winners in American Elections

October 2003 

We have assembled a great deal of information about the growing frequency and impact of victories in American primary and general elections which are ���won��� with less than 50% of the vote ��� meaning won by a plurality rather than a majority of votes cast.  Most American states have had governors who have won elections with less than 50% of the vote since 1990.  In the three presidential elections since 1988, most states awarded all of their electoral votes to a candidate who was opposed by most voters in that state.  A significant number of congressional seats were won by mere pluralities.  Read the overview to our report.

Presidential Elections

Gubernatorial Elections

  • U.S. Governors, 1990-2003 - A comprehensive list of gubernatorial candidates who won primary and/or general elections by plurality
  • US Governors, 1948-2003 - Three groupings of governors
    elected in general elections with less than 50%
  • Current Governors - 22 currently serving governors who won either a primary or general election with less than 50% of Votes

Congressional Elections

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