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Full Representation for Iraq Elections

      Several analysts have called for any elections in Iraq in the future to be held by full representation voting methods rather than American-style winner-take-all elections due to the importance of inclusive decision-making in such diverse society. Fareed Zakaria, for example, is a frequent television analyst and the editor of Newsweek International, former managing editor of Foreign Affairs and author of "The Future of Freedom" (to be pusblished in April 2003 by W.W. Norton). His article the April 21, 2003 Newsweek included the following in a lengthy essay on "How to Wage the Peace":


      Diversity, properly handled, can be a great source of strength in Iraq. But power will have to be divided, shared and checked. The constitution of a new Iraq should create a federal state, with substantial local autonomy. The regions should not be all ethnically or religiously based. The electoral system should not create a ���winner take all��� system, in which a party that wins 51 percent of the vote gets all the political power. Let the losers share in the spoils.

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